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Imagineknit Global delivers results. We listen to your project goals and design a way forward with executable manufacturing in mind, reducing trips back to the preverbial drawing board.

Our Approach

Circular Product Analysis

Imagineknit Global continuously analyzes your product as it evolves

In addition to textile development, our scope of expertise includes testing, regulatory compliance, and color quality

A diverse knowledge base prevents many unforeseen issues in production and performance, getting your product to market on time

Fiber & Yarn Selection

​Building Blocks For Success

Fiber and yarn selection is everything 

Let us guide you through the development process to ensure your product achieves it's full potential

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fabric Construction

The Groundwork for Function

Leverage your yarn and fiber properties with a construction that "works" for your product
Imagineknit Global develops your textile utilizing commercially available machinery to ensure flexible sourcing options

Dyeing and Finishing

Functional & Visual Aesthetics

Material function and appearance can be modified both chemically and mechanically to further enhance it's visual and physical properties 

Imagineknit assists in identifying finishing options compatible with your material and performance needs


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